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General Environment



You can customize the view by applying filter on any view. To do this, click on icon. Two options will appear. Applied filter and Add filter.

By default, applied filter will appear.

To add filter, click on Add. Filters list will appear. Click on that filter you want to apply. Options of that filter will appear. Select the option and click on Done. Your filter will apply on particular view.


To clear any applied filter on particular view, put the finger on filter and slide the right side. Clear option will visible. Click on Clear.

Your applied filter will remove from that view.


You can sort the rows appearing on views of each section. To sort the rows, click on icon. When click on this icon, sorting options will show like you want to sort by date or any other column. Options may be different on different views.

You can check the option and click on Done. Sorting will be applied on view.