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Student Person


Click on Students -> Student Person -> New Student Person. The form will appear:

Fill the details and click on Save.

Note: Student and Person both are created using this form by default. While creating Person and Student , please follow below instructions :


 1.Combination of Aadhar number and Account name must be unique where aadhar number is filled.
 2.Combination of Email of User and Account name must be unique where emailid is filled.


 1.Combination of Class, Registration Number and Account name must be unique.

 2.Registration Number must be unique where registration number is filled.


You can see the listing of student persons by click on Student Persons -> List of Student Persons.


You can edit student person details by right click on any student person -> Edit Student Person.

You can also edit student details also by click on Edit Student Details. The student form will appear.

Fill the details.

To add Subject with respect to this student, click on + sign in subject section and select the subject which is available in his/her class -> Save. Enter the remaining details in this section.

To add the Paper with respect to this subject, click on + sign in paper section and select the paper ->Save and enter the remaining details.

Click on Save.