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Implementation of Charts and Analytics in EdNirvana

EdNirvana has introduced a new feature of representing the whole bunch of data in the summaries form of charts and graphs for better understanding and analysis. For an Instance, take a look at Admin Dashboard in EdNirvana. Let’s take a brief description of each block in...

Support of Hindi/Indian Languages in EdNirvana

EdNirvana supports Hindi/Indian Language for Documents and PPTs, which allows coverage of different Subjects/Courses. It automatically converts the Document/PPT into PDF format without any loss of data. Issue Data has been lost after uploading the Documents into EdNirvana Uploaded Word Document and its view after conversion into PDF

Assessment Scheduling Feature

Assessment Scheduling Feature A new feature has been introduced to EdNirvana which allows Instructor to Schedule the Activation and Deactivation time of assessments. There are 2 types of assessments in EdNirvana - Tests and Assignment. Tests and Assignments are further available in 2 modes : In Course Assessments Stand...


FAQ’s Q1. Can a person be instructor and learner with different ID? Ans. Yes, a user can use 2 different Email IDs to be an Instructor and learner in a course. Q2. Can we define course in category? Ans. Yes, anything can be defined in Category from backend for...

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