Assessment Scheduling Feature

A new feature has been introduced to EdNirvana which allows Instructor to Schedule the Activation and Deactivation time of assessments.

There are 2 types of assessments in EdNirvana - Tests and Assignment.

Tests and Assignments are further available in 2 modes :

In Course Assessments

Stand Alone Assessments

Following are the scenarios for the Tests and Assignments where this feature is implemented.

Now with the new feature introduced, an Instructor can decide the “Start” and “End” Date and Time of the Assessments.

The Learner will not be allowed to attempt the assessment before “Start” Time.

Also they can submit their Assessments before the “End” Time only.

Following Screen shows the list of students wrt a particular Assignment:

This feature allows institutions to organize time bound assessments.

Also this feature allows Instructors to plan the Assessments in Advance.